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Floor Plans at The Intercontinental Suites, OH

Flexible Floor Plans

Our flexible meeting room can be set up with different floor plans for different numbers of guests. Whether it is theater-style, Cabaret, classroom, U-shape, hollow square, banquet, or reception setup, our floorplan can be modified to accommodate them.

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Flexible Floor Plans at The Intercontinental Suites, OH
IC Suites Floor Plan
Name of Room Banquet Theater Classroom Reception Conference U-Shape Hollow Dimensions Area sq, ft. Height
A2 Room 40 40 34 65 30 24 30 24'9"x28' 473 10'x10"
B2 Room 40 30 20 40 18 14 20 22'2"x21'10" 465 10'x10"
Rooms A2/B2 80 90 60 125 N/A 40 60 24'9"x49'10" 1138 10'x10"

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